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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 10, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the candidates over the top pitch for endorsement has gone viral. hello, everyone. i'm chris jansing coming to you from new york on this friday. any minute now, the lieutenant governor of california will give an update on the explosion near san francisco. families were just sitting down to dinner when the huge blast ripped the neighborhood apart. to make matters worse, it's burned out the water lines that are needed to put the fires out. firefighters are going house to house now and say that the death toll could rise. those that make it out describe sheer terror. >> i went out and saw a huge fireball. it was intense, the flames. >> we just ran. we didn't have any shoes.
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the kids were -- we have to borrow all of this stuff from our neighbor. >> i had trouble getting out. the car was in the driveway but it was burning already. this car was in the garage. i was able to get in it and lift the garage door manually and jump in and drive up out through the fire and it kind of melted the taillights a little bit. >> it just shook your body. you could feel the intensity of the fire and i never felt anything like it. >> unbelievable. let's head out to san bruno where miguel has been in touch with fire crews. i spoke with the mayor this morning and he talked about his personal fear that there may be more people unaccounted for. where are we with that? what do we know? are there people still missing and what are fire crews doing right now? >> reporter: well, chris, there was so much chaos and confusion following the blast, firefighters didn't know who was missing, who was accounted for, and even at this hour they are still trying to figure that out.
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we hope to get more answers in a press conference. at least 52 people were rushed to a hospital overnight. three in critical condition. we know four people are dead but we're told that number could also rise. some 38 homes were destroyed. roughly 15 acres of land completely charred. now, the fire is believed to have been sparked by a ruptured gas line. the 30-inch gas line owned by pacific gas and electric, the local gas company here. someone described the scene here as "hell on earth." the explosion ripped through san bruno at around 6:00 p.m., as you mentioned. families were sitting down to dinner. this blast was so violent and intense that many people thought that there was a plane crash because we're just a few miles from the airport. others thought it was an explosion. but instead it was an explosion
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and it made it difficult for firefighters to attack. the heat was so intense that they couldn't attack it by the ground at first. it took them several hour just to gain the upper hand. right now, as you mentioned, crews are back at the explosion site and looking for anyone who may have survived that. they have search dogs up there and they are trying to get a better grasp for not only what happened but who may have survived the blast. >> when i was talking to folks this morning, one of the things that they taked about is they thought that the people were in a state of shock, which is absolutely understandable and it's hard, even looking at the pictures from the air, to sort of get a sense of the scope of what this has done to the town. describe to us what you have seen. >> people really are here with hair on their arms burned off and intense wall of heat.
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everyone was running for their cars and out in the streets to get a source for the fire that quickly spread. it was difficult to outrun and many people jumped in their cars and barely made it out in the nick of time. no one has been able to go back into the blast zone and everyone is unsure who made it out, who didn't make it out. there really is a bunch of confusion. folks are trying to look for answers and they are hoping to get that at the press conference that should start in a few minutes. >> miguel, thank you so much. we want to let people know we will take that news conference live when it happens. florida pastor terry jones has issued a new ultimatum and the clock is ticking, literally. the man at the center of the new york mosque controversy, imam feisal was told to call them and let them know whether or not the proposed cultural
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center will be moved further from ground zero. here's what had he to say. >> it's crystal clear. it's 1:20 right now and we give him time until 3:20, in the next two hours. so that there is no cat and mouse game here and find out if he has agreed to move the mosque from ground zero to another location. >> so that deadline is about 20 minutes from now. in exchange for the deal, pastor jones said he would not torch the muslim holy book tomorrow. we will keep you posted. surprisingly, perhaps, it was more than half an hour into the president obama's news conference today before he was actually asked about the koran burning controversy. he made it clear he's worried and not just about pastor jones. >> i want to make sure that we
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don't have folks all across the country that this is the way to get attention. it's a way of endangering our troops. our sons and daughters. >> mike is live at the white house. mike, as you know, there are critics who said that the president shouldn't have dignified this with a comment that certainly someone like a four star general should not be talki talking about, the secretary shouldn't be calling him. >> well, general petraeus had harsh comments about this. general odierno, just past commander in iraq who has recently retired. the question today to president obama was secretary gates, secretary of defense, he was the last person to call. very shortly after that we saw the pastor come out and say that he had some -- the president has said what many have said in the
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last several days. in this day and age with the internet, it was already out there in the muslim world whether he's representative of all pastors in america, which he object youns slee not. the president calling for unity and reminding everyone that islamic and al qaeda is the not the same and responsible for killing more muslims than any other people of any denomination or belief. the president saying that we all call god by different names and particularly in afghanistan, saying you don't play games with that. so the president leaving no question that he was left no choice but to bring this to the floor, chris. >> he also brought up something that a lot of people have talked about. i think the way that he phrased it is that it's all happening at a time when the country is anxious.
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and in trframing the issue in terms of the november mid-determimidterm. >> the same policies that led us to the policies, then the republicans are ready to offer that. but if you want policies that are moving us out, even though you may be frustrated, even though change isn't happening as fast as you'd like, then i think democrats are going to do fine in november. >> he did, however, and this may be one of the headlines out of this, seem to indicate that there was some wiggle room with the republicans in terms of extending those tax cuts on wealthier americans, mike. >> you know, that's very perceptive, chris. and the situation is proving to be fluid. this is only one of the things with the small business bill that we often hear the president whose passage for that that he's been advocating for several weeks now, extending the bush tax cuts due to expire at the end of this year, that the
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president has said, $250,000, he wants to extend the tax cuts for everyone except those above that threshold. and today and yesterday his spokesperson, robert gibbs, and the president leaving a little bit of wiggle room with congress because nobody believes that the way that the president and majority of democrats want it, with with that threshold is going to pass congress, the president has said that middle class tax cuts should be made permanent. let's work on that. let's do it. that's being widely interpreted as room for negotiation with the president over the next several weeks with republicans in congress, chris. >> mike, thank you. >> demonstrators tried to force their way into a nato military compound sparking clashes with police.
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and many places do not have a strong insurgent present and appear to be spontaneous outbursts of anger. >> next on msnbc, is this book a threat to national security? the pentagon is taking drastic measures to make sure it never hits store shelves. >> remember this? >> we're going to take back the white house. ya! >> and now there's this. >> we're tired of business as usual. drastic measures? yes. >> the passionate stump speech we just can't get enough. plus, how a massage can really do a body good. all of that and breaking news when it happens. that's next on msnbc.
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the drama of burning koran is escalated. the deadline is approaching for pastor jones demanding to know if the imam plans to move the planned cultural center in new york further from ground zero. he said that he was prom mitsed that the center would move if he promised to cancel the koran burning. i spoke to pastor jones about that alleged deal. >> they came to us yesterday. we did not approach him. i made it very, very clear i asked him several times is this what you're saying in is this what you're saying? he said, yes. and later on i understand he changed that. >> yes, he has said, pastor -- >> he has said that he never
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made that promise and that both the imam in new york and florida say that no promise was ever made but you absolutely deny that. >> absolutely. i have eyewitnesss in my office at that time. i made it very, very clear. i said, is this what we are saying? are you saying we will move the ground zero mosque if we cancel the saturday event? he said yes. >> now, the pastor says that he will have the korans burned, not burn. an international firestorm of criticism from washington to afghanistan. no voice more prominent than the president united states himself. the importance of recognizing the contributions made by muslims here in the u.s. >> i've got muslims who are fighting in afghanistan. in the uniform of the united
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states armed services. they are out there putting their lives on the line for us and we've got to make sure that we are crystal clear for our sakes and their sakes. >> joining me is jenk. >> how are you? >> how does it get to the point where this pastor that nobody had ever heard of a week ago who has maybe a handful, maybe 50 parishioners, is suddenly taking phone calls from the defense secretary and being talked about by the president of the united states? >> well, this whole situation is terribly messed up. this guy is clown of the earth and we shouldn't be having a conversation about what he is or isn't going to do. certainly the president shouldn't be talking about it. unfortunately it's risen to the point where the president has to respond. i'm not blaming the president
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for doing that. it's just comical. there are whack co-s like this all across the court tree. there are guys that show up to the troop's funerals saying how god hates homosexuals. we can't address all of these whack jobs throughout the country. >> i've got to interrupt you. here's the pastor. >> things have got a little mixed up. dr. paul will take just a second to clear up a couple of things that he said that seem to have been misunderstood that then i will give the report concerning the imam. thank you. >> first of all, i am request the media in the sun working hard to communicate to the world, we all have a responsibility to communicate what is said. and i want to make sure you
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clearly understand why i'm here and what i have talked to the pastor yesterday and what has said to the media a couple of hours ago. first of all, i have not received any call from the imam or his team from new york. i read a statement today, i will read what i said. for the last two days i have been in much prayer with pastor terry jones and spent quality time with him one on one. i watched and carefully heard his plans. i am also very disapointed with the both florida imam and new york imam. is it legal to burn the koran in the u.s.? but it's not the right thing to do. so that'ses what i said two hours ago. i'm making it clear. the same day --
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>> so we're told from on location that there is no call from the imam, which would lead us to believe that this could continue for saturday, that there could be indeed be a koran burning. your reaction? >> first of all, the imam should not be negotiating with this clown. it's a perfectly legitimate player in the country. he has represented our state department under bush and obama. his -- >> multiple times. >> this lunatic. so i dismiss that entirely. and, of course, it turns out he hasn't called him. so this another imam in florida trying to get in the middle. but there's a second side of this that is really important. the rest of the world, especially the muslim world, has to understand that in this country we have freedom. and sometimes that leaves freedom to do lovely things and sometimes that leaves freedom to do terrible thing. and as much as i think he's
3:20 pm
crazy, he has a right to be crazy. this is america. >> maybe you don't buy into the argument that has been made by a lot of people, including the president and defense secretary that this puts american lives at risk, service members and the lives abroad. does he have the right to do that? >> look, as much as i can't stand terry jones, that is not on him. that's on the people going to kill random americans for something that one guy in the country is doing. we've got 300 million people here. our government doesn't control everybody. we don't want them controlling everybody. we're not a dick tore yell government. so we're not going to tell terry jones that he can't burn the koran. i think it's loathe some and deeply offensive or killing somebody because somebody burned a book or a couple of pages.
3:21 pm
and it's not even killing terry jones which would be rep prehenceable. i think we also need to be angry and not all of course but some of the muslim reaction around the world. i don't want to be intimidated by that. they are going to do acts of violence. if you do that, then we should strike back really hard. and i'm not saying in a rid deck cue louse way like bush did but we shouldn't be tolerate that and we have our freedoms which includes freedom to be offensive. >> thank you. i want to bring in charles wolf who lost his wife katherine in the september 11th attack. thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. >> we were saying later, what is going on here? we live in crazy times. what is your take on this? >> well, what we have is an intersection of the potential burning of the koran which is not good.
3:22 pm
along with the controversy over build an islamic community center with a mosque within it and of course we have tomorrow the anniversary of 9/11. i think that what we're seeing here is an american -- most americans know very little about the religion of islam, probably never knowingly have met a muslim. so all they know is what they see on television and mostly what all television shows is the bad stuff. the bombings and protests and so forth. so it's no wonder that americans are fearful and don't understand the religion. but like the gentlemen who served me a sandwich an hour ago, he's from syria. he said, this is not our religion. this is not our religion. there are good muslims and there are bad muslims. there are good christians and bad christians. we have servicemen and women in two muslim countries, iraq and afghanistan, fighting and losing
3:23 pm
their lives over trying to help the good muslims take their country back from the bad muslims. and we here in america can't get our minds wrapped around the fact that there are good muslims and bad muslims. >> it is a true tragedy that is a horrible act of 9/11 that brought us all together. now we seem to be getting farther apart. charles wolf, thank you for coming in and providing a voice. we need to go now to california because we're getting an update on the horrible fire, the last we knew was that five people -- four people who had died and there were still some people missing. let's listen in. >> today i am waving the waiting period for establishing unemployment for our recipients for the victims. so, in essence, you can apply for unemployment at this moment. number three, i have just directed a coordination for the efforts of allstate agencies to
3:24 pm
assist the local assistance center and the victims of this horrible tragedy. we have also requested small business administration and fema assessors to immediately assess all property and see what additional assistance is for the victims of the incident. i'd also like to add that pg&e has committed to temporary housing, to food, to clothing, and other essential needs for the victims. i also would like to state that the red cross is coordinating at the veterans memorial building in bruno park. i was just there. and the support from the community is amazing, dropping off food, water, clothing, all for the victims. i want to assure the people of
3:25 pm
san bruno and the people of california that we are moving quickly to find the cause. it is very, very important to all of us. now, if i may, just briefly in spanish -- [ speaking in spanish ] >> continuing to brief now in spanish and talking about the help that is available for this absolutely devastated community. all of the people who have been left without homes. although, we've also heard about the extraordinary reaction from the friends and family reaching out to those who have lost their homes, who have lost loved ones, no update yet on the search that continues to make sure that everyone has been accounted for. but we will, of course, keep you
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i'm jane wells with your cnbc market wrap. all of the indices are up. dow is up 52 points and standard & poor's is up 6.36. some of the nation's largest retailers already at a holiday state of mind. they are putting out help wanted signs looking to hire more staff for the holiday rush. among them, toys r us which plans to hire 10,000 workers. this as they double the number of stores for the season. and continental airlines has reached an agreement with the maintenance technicians. the agreement continues healthy raises and signing bonuses. employees are pex equitied to vote on the contract by mid-october. that's it from cnbc.
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first in business worldwide. chris, back to you. right now, smoke is still rising from charred remains of a northern california neighborhood. last night, of course, in san bruno we've been showing you these horrific pictures near san francisco. it decimated 15 aim customers of the city. there was just an update. we know that four people have been killed but they have been searching to try to account for people who are missing. 75% of that search is now complete and the fire is fully contained although they do have some small hot spots. we're going to keep an eye on that. at this hour the power company is working with the ntsb to find out what caused that gas line to break. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. other headlines that we're following for this friday, president obama called staff sergeant to let him know that he's being awarded the medal of honor. the first living vet since
3:31 pm
vietnam to receive the military's highest honor. he was in afghanistan when his unit walked into a taliban ambush. witnesses say his brave actions, while under fire, saved several lives. a federal judge has ruled the don't ask, don't tell policy is unconstitutional. she argues that it violates the amendments of gays and lesbians. the pentagon is reviewing the ruling and has not decided if they will appeal. even though the own investigation determines that it may not be needed, admiral ral thad allen says there is no threat of a leak but no reason to take a risk either. pilots will now be required to rest for nine hours instead of eight in between their work days. they will be given the right to turn down assignments if they
3:32 pm
are just too tired. a new report out today from the former leaders of the 9/11 commission showing that present day threats are easier to detect but less likely to produce less casualties. an increase in home-grown terrorists recruited here in the u.s., is shows that nuclear and biological attacks are unlikely because terrorists don't have the capacity to mount them. the pept gone is so concerned about the possibility of intelligence secrets getting out, it's decided to buy 10,000 copies of a book written by a former intelligence officer called "operation dark heart." it was written by an shon knee shaffer and approved by the army in january.
3:33 pm
jack is an msnbc military analyst and a recipient of an award for his service in vietnam. it's hard to believe, they review it, say go publish it, now they are going to spend our tax dollars to buy it back? what is going on? >> it means that the intelligence of the apparatus of the united states is too convoluted to operate. he gave it to the army reserve and said they are about a dozen separate intelligence operations within the executive branch and include the defense intelligence agency who subsequently said that there's some classified information. >> let me read their statement. >> please do. >> that manuscript did not under go a security review as required by d.o.d. regulation. this became known to the department only recently and after the manuscript was printed by the publish. d.o.d. has been working closely
3:34 pm
and cooperatively with the publisher and his counsel to address any issues regarding classified information. it seems a little embarrassing. >> it's not em bar barsing. it's scary. if they can't do this, they can't protect the underwear bomber. it's got to flow latterly to other intelligence organizations inside the executive branch with ease. it does not. this demonstrates that it does not and it's quite a scary thing that they can't organize even to approve a book. >> where do you draw the line? i read your book, by the way. jack has a great book. >> i should say there's intelligence information in there. >> and buy 10,000 copies but i'll still have my copy. where do you draw the line with former soldiers and intelligence officers and their right to
3:35 pm
write about their experience in. >> it's difficult in the united states because we do not have and we probably should have what great britain has, an official secrets act. when you take over a job in which you are exposed to or have knowledge of classified information, you are never allowed to disclose it. and there are a lot of people who have been in the intelligence industry in the united states and you can't say anything about it. >> i want to ask you about a good topic, because it's friday, there's been a lot of bad and upsetting news but you're about to get a new member of your very exclusive club. i will embarrass jack now as i do in person by saying, i want you to meet a true american hero. this young man, from everything i read, seems to be extraordinary. and you guys are going to welcome as a recipient of the congressional medal of honor. >> i don't know when it's going to be. i understand that it's going to be in early or mid-november. we get together annually this
3:36 pm
year it's in charleston. it's going to be before, i think, that this award is going to take place. it's kind of an affair to be there with the president of the united states and outside there on the eastern lawn white house. i think for me it was even more startling to be with the other living recipients. because all of the recipients feel the same way. we're not wearing it for ourselves. we're wearing it for other people and therefore the other guy was very brave, including the other guy that wears the medal of honor. when he was decorated, there were 400 living recipients. today there are 87. statistically, in the next few years, except for staff sergeant juda, there will be none. it's important that people recognize that we represent all of those men and women who sacrifice for their country. that every time you see somebody with any kind of a reward, there are plenty of people who did
3:37 pm
things that were valorous and nobody saw them or people saw them and they died. and so everybody, we should have the same feeling for medal of honor recipients as we have for all of the people that have served in the uniform it's very exciting. you're right. there hasn't been a living recipient for any conflict since vietnam and it's about time we recognize some of the valor we've had in afghanistan. >> jack, always a pleasure. have a great weekend. well said, my friend. thank you. here are today's headlines across the usa. the city of detroit is demolishing homes ruined by fire this week. federal stimulus money is funding that effort. high wind and downed power lines sparked the blaze. meanwhile n. colorado, about 2,000 evac wees have been allowed to return home after a
3:38 pm
wildfire scorched more than 160 homes. keep an eye on the weather, though, because there are strong winds that are expected to pick up even more today. power outages will make it difficult to warn people if that fire breaks out again. a would-be bank robber in wisconsin is forced to cancel his plan mid-heist after a passerby surprises him with a choke hold. the masked manmade a mad dash with the attacker still hanging from his back. police believe he took off in a vehicle waiting for him outside of the building. by the way, the rear neighborhood choke hold will get you every time. an over zealous politician, quite like a guy that you can envision breathing into a brown paper bag. davidson had his eye on the seat of treasurer in his native ohio and he waed you to know just
3:39 pm
how much that position would mean to him. >> in the middle of difficulties lies opportunity. this is the opportunity that we've been waiting for. it is in dire need of structure and guidance. and now is the time to cease that opportunity, with an aggressive campaign and an aggressive campaigner. if nominated tonight, i promise each and every person in this room i will hit the ground running, come out swinging. drastic measures. yes, who said that? thank you. >> thank you. you've got to love the enthusiasm. i just hope he's okay. i know it's going to come as a shock. i hope you're sitting down, but davidson did not get the nomination. though he might have something better, right?
3:40 pm
internet immortality. sarah palin, the focus of our battle of the late night blasts today. first, her reaction to the burning koran controversy. >> when she heard about it, she said, this is insensitive and an unnecessary provo indication. sounds to me like somebody bought a dictionary. >> that's funny that letterman mentions the dictionary because here's jimmy fallon's take on it. >> sarah palin's made up word refudiate was the most surged word of the summer. but no matter how hard they looked, they could not find the word in the dictionary. >> you don't need to stay up late because we get all of the best stuff right here. 3:00 to 4:00 eastern time monday through friday. still ahead, dramatic video out of italy, massive mudslide
3:41 pm
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3:45 pm
an american journalist. jeffrey goldberg wrote that castro said that the cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore. but the former cuban president said he meant exactly the opposite. just mentioned, the bush tax cuts are swift and strong no matter who you ask. here's what happened when president obama was asked today about that at the white house news conference. >> i'm saying, we can give those families, 97% permanent tax relief. and by the way, for those who make more than 250,000, they still get tax relief on the first 250,000, they just wouldn't get it for income above that. now, that seems like a commonsense thing to do. and what i've got is the republicans holding middle class tax relief hostage because they are insisting we've got to give tax relief to millionaires and billionaires. >> christian weller is a fellow
3:46 pm
at the senior center for progress and daniel mitchell is a fellow at the kato institute. let me get your reaction about that. middle class tax cuts are being held hostage by the republicans. >> well, the democrats completely control congress. that's a little bit fa seesh shous on his part. what we're saying is class warfare. the president knows that his allies in congress are in trouble and doing the politics of hate and envy. we all know that lower tax rates, especially for entrepreneurs are good for the economy but he's putting it ahead of economic growth. >> are they good for the economy? peter orszag, a close economic adviser, as said that the tax cuts should be extended for at least a couple of years. what do you say? >> i think that we can let them run out without harming the
3:47 pm
economy. and they didn't do much for the economy when they were enacted and taking them back at this point has the effect that we wouldn't deepen the hole, the deficit hole by $800 billion. and we would clearly signal a willingness on the part of policy makers to take the deficit seriously and would not have an effect on the economy. >> daniel is shaking his head. do you disagree that they would have an impact on the economy. >> dan will always shake his head. we've done this before. the main point is when they were enacted in 2001, if you look at the data after 2001, it's the weakest employment performance of any business cycle since the great depression. so you can't really make the claim that the tax cuts had a big effect on the economy back then and you cannot also at this point claim that they would have an effect letting them expire at this point. >> two points, though, that i think are worth responding. number one, i actually agree with christian about the 2001
3:48 pm
tax cuts because those were tax cuts. but in 2003 when we actually lowered marginal tax rates and reduced the capital gains, that's when the economy picked up a little faster. now, i also have to say -- >> but we're not -- >> let me just say, though, your crocodile tears on the deficit mean nothing to me. you supported government-run health care. when it's time for more spending you say, go ahead. red ink until the sun doesn't shine. >> let me respond to this. because the distinction is about long-term deficits. the long-term deficits have no -- >> do you really believe that? >> the stimulus -- at this point i have no reason not to believe it. at this point the stimulus has
3:49 pm
no effect on the long-term deficits, making the tax cuts for 3% of americans permanent will have an effect on the long-term deficit and will slow economic growth and do little in terms of consumption this year and next year. >> you've seen the numbers long-term spending of deficits is higher as a result of obama's cumulative policy. >> we have to let that be the last word. more people can disagree. christian weller, daniel mitchell, thank you both so much. coming up next, we're going down to the wire. >> listen up. klingons are making history. plus, how much of your life are you wasting away on facebook? the numbers are in. get ready for the fastest three minutes of news. the smell of home made chili
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we have some breaking news out of vegas for you where boxer
3:53 pm
floyd mayweather jr. turned himself in on a felon charge. the 33-year-old who has something like nine championships in five different weight classes is being held on bail. his lawyer says the boxer is accused of taking an iphone from josie harris, his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his three children. harris says mayweather pulled her hair, punched her in the head and twisted her arm while she screamed for their children to call 911. he has now, as we said, turned himself in. now to the fastest three minutes in news. we go down to the wire with a spa cure all, a klingon opera and the cat's meow. first off, counting sheep beyond the grave. prince charles is promoting the use of wool coffins. it's part of a uk push to go green. maybe seems creepy, but the prince says the coffins are
3:54 pm
sustainable and biodegradable. just when you thought flights couldn't get more cramped. it looks more like a saddle than a seat. just 23 inches between your seat and the one in front of you. most flights have at least ten more inches of leg room. they're being unveiled at a california airline conference next week. we can only hope that nobody buys them. how about this? would you fly in this contraption? a ukrainian man says he designed an airplane that's cheaper to operate than a car. it has a 19 foot-long wingspan with two engines to be removed so the plane can operate as a glider. the phrase removable engines, does that instill confidence? how much time do you spend on facebook? last month users ticked away 41 million minutes of their lives on the social networking site. researchers at the marketing firm say facebook beat out
3:55 pm
google by nearly 2 million minutes. it has just able doubled in the past year. if you haven't take an vacation this year, you're not alone. more than half of workers don't take all of their allotted days off. many who do get away are still connected via smartphone. a spa splurge could keep you from getting a cold. a new study shows just getting one massage almost instantly boosts your immune system. scientists say the best for health is a swedish massage. good to know. this has got to get confusing. residents of a village in southern india all have the same name. apparently, it's after a sint who lived there. i guess you have to use nicknames, right? opera, the next generation.
3:56 pm
trekkis, this one is for you. it's completely composed in clingon, yes, just like the fictional characters. tomorrow, animal lover and actress jenna fisher is hosting a cat rescue fund-raiser in los angeles, called fur ball. get it? fur ball. she rescued the little guy she's holding in this picture. she blogs the crew at "the office" found two kittens living under the wardrobe trailer. the black and white is thunder. and it's a boy. a mama elephant at an australian zoo gave birth to a healthy 312-pound baby. the newborn is stickinging close to mom after 22 months in the womb. that brings us down to the wire. that is our show for this friday i'm chris jansing. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. ♪ keep feeling fascination
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